Why Do We Use A Hydrogen And Oxygen Generator?

Hydrogen and oxygen fuels generated by hydrogen and oxygen generators have the following advantages compared with other fuels:

1) safety and environmental protection:

The molecular weight of hydrogen is 2, lighter than 1/14, so that hydrogen escaping from the air automatically escaping from the ground and does not form aggregation. Other fuel and gas will gather on the ground to form inflammable and explosive risks.

Odorless, non-toxic, will not cause human poisoning, combustion products are only water, do not pollute the environment.

2) high temperature and high energy:

1kg the calorific value of hydrogen is 34000Kcal, three times that of gasoline. The temperature of hydrogen and oxygen flame is as high as 2800 degrees, which is higher than that of conventional liquid gas.

3) heat energy concentration:

The hydrogen and oxygen flame flame is straight, with little heat loss and high utilization efficiency.

4) automatic regeneration:

Hydrogen energy comes from water and then is reduced to water after burning.

5) catalytic properties:

Hydrogen is an active gas catalyst which can be mixed with air to catalyze combustion of all solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Accelerate the reaction process, promote full combustion, and improve the efficiency of flame temperature, energy saving and emission reduction.

6) reduction characteristics: all kinds of raw materials are hydrogenated refining.

7) variable temperature characteristic: the adjustment of flame temperature can be realized according to the melting point of the heated object.

8) a wide range of sources: hydrogen can be produced by water electrolysis, and water can be inexhaustible, and 1860 liters of hydrogen and oxygen gas can be produced in every kg water.

9) production: use of advanced automatic control technology, hydrogen and oxygen generator is supplied according to user's requirements, and no gas is stored.

10) wide range of applications: suitable for all places requiring gas.