Where Can The Hydrogen And Oxygen Generator Be Used?

Hydrogen and oxygen generator is a new type of environmental protection equipment which produces hydrogen and oxygen after electrolysis of water. It has a very wide range of uses and is suitable for all places requiring fire. The common application fields of hydrogen and oxygen generator are as follows:

1, the polishing of the products of acrylic

2. Flame polishing of organic glass

3. Gold and silver jewelry welding

4. Motor enameled wire welding

5, denture welding and tooth mold repair

6. Mirror frame welding

7. Fiber optic welding

8. Small flame spraying

9, the softening of small quartz tube

10. Small flame heating

11. Various kinds of soldering

12. Copper welding of air conditioning

13. Welding of battery lead plate group

14, the steel plate with various thickness can be cut with hyperbaric oxygen

15. Quartz glass bar die-casting

16, water needle ampoule bottle drawing seal

17, workpiece quenching