What Kind Of Welding Machine Is Better For Copper

Copper welding machine, automatic wire feeding copper welding machine, pulse copper welding machine, brass welding machine, copper welding machine, bronze welding machine.

It is widely used for high efficiency and high quality welding of brass, copper (pure copper), bronze and cupric alloy.

International high-end DSP digital control technology, Sweden welding expert database system.

Chinese menu style appears, unified conditioning, computer system intelligent matching, easy to operate.

All digital control system completes accurate control of droplet transfer, stable arc pool, small splash and good weld formation.

The arc and arc can be recuperated to ensure that the ends of the weld are formed more satisfactorily, the function of automatic chopping is ensured, and the 100% arc striking is guaranteed.

The accuracy of voltage conditioning is 0.1V, the accuracy of current is 1A, and the accuracy of spot welding is 0.1S, so as to ensure the difference between fine welding and welding.

Two steps / four steps, welding wire type, welding wire diameter and firing time.

It has the functions of remote computer promotion, control, diagnosis and monitoring, and can be used for fully automatic welding of welding machines and robots.

It has the functions of constant pressure, constant current, undervoltage, undercurrent, overvoltage and overcurrent maintenance, so as to ensure the stability and short life of the machine.

IGBT high frequency inverter technology, pulse waveform current, line heat concentration, melting depth, no need to open the groove below 6mm, no preheating treatment under 8mm, welding efficiency is 3-5 times as high as argon arc welding and oxygen welding, save electricity and save labor cost