Welding Properties Of Metal

A metal, if more ordinary and simple welding process can be used to get high-quality joints, it is considered that the metal has good welding properties.

The welding performance includes two aspects:

Bonding performance: the sensitivity of metal materials to weld defects under certain welding conditions. The factors that determine the bonding performance are the physical properties of the workpiece material, such as melting point, thermal conductivity and expansion rate, the chemical and metallurgical properties of the workpiece and the welding material during welding. This material is considered to have good bonding properties when a material has experienced physical, chemical and metallurgical effects in the process of welding to form welded joints without welding defects.

(2) performance: the adaptability of a metal material to the requirements of the welding joint under certain welding conditions, that is, the capacity of the welded joint to bear the load, such as static load, impact load and fatigue load, as well as the low temperature resistance, high temperature performance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the welded joint.