The Traditional Comparative Advantage Of Hydrogen And Oxygen Decarbonization Machine?

The hydrogen oxygen decarbonization machine can extract hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water by electrolysis, and form a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, and enter the engine combustion chamber via the engine intake manifold. After the Brown gas is filled with the engine combustion chamber, ignition is ignited, and the principle of hydrogen and oxygen catalysis can be used to produce O, H and OH active atoms in the process of high temperature combustion. It can promote the high temperature cracking of medium and long carbon hydrogen chain in gasoline, accelerate the oxidation reaction speed), the principle of oxygen rich combustion (the wax and gelatin in gasoline are made up of long hydrocarbon chain or super long hydrocarbon chain, and the active atoms such as O, H and OH can also accelerate the cracking, the ultimate scavenging carbon), the principle of water and hydrogen circulation and so on. The performance of the engine has been completely and thoroughly cleaned up by the characteristics of the air, and the motor power is restored, and the engine will not cause any damage to the engine, and the shortage of the traditional chemical carbon removal agent is avoided, and it is a qualitative flight in the field of automobile maintenance.