The Principle Of Gold Welding Machine

The principle of jewelry welding machine in our real life, various components are made of materials. Different materials, their own reflected laser characteristics determine whether the laser can work on it. The more the reflectivity is, the less light absorbed. On the other hand, the more light energy is absorbed. In addition to its own material, reflectivity is related to the roughness of the metal surface. Generally, the reflectivity of the mirror is the highest. It is generally avoided as much as possible in the process of processing, and may be damaged to the laser. A series of changes will occur on the surface of the metal under the action of laser. The surface of the metal is heated by laser and conduced to the depth of the surface. The surface will dissolve in the case of a certain laser power density. Part of the surface will be vaporized instantaneously when the laser power density is high, and the molten pool is formed on the surface of the workpiece. In the process of welding, the molten metal is accelerated along a certain angle through the movement of the workpiece relative to the laser, and the heat transfer temperature of the liquid metal decreases rapidly, and the liquid metal forms the weld.

The jewellery welder equipment belongs to the pulse welding method. The pulse energy and pulse width are adjustable, and the pulse energy affects the melting depth and melting depth. At the same time, the size of the welding spot is adjusted by adjusting the spot of the focusing beam by adjusting the beam expander outside the optical path. Compared with other welding processes, laser welding can achieve many materials welding. Compared with others, laser welding has smaller thermal deformation and higher joint quality. The advantage of laser welding is to achieve a small range of heating characteristics, and widely used with precision devices such as jewelry, batteries, automotive industry, and other applications of the aviation industry.

The type of laser welding machine for jewelry welding machine is often called laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser cold welding machine, laser argon welding machine, laser welding equipment and so on. According to its working mode, it can be divided into laser welding machine (laser welding machine), automatic laser welding machine, jewelry laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, vibro mirror welding machine, handheld welding machine and so on. The special laser welding equipment has sensor welding machine, silicon steel sheet laser welding equipment, Keyboard laser welding equipment. It is suitable for jewelry, battery nickel belt, integrated circuit lead, clock wire, picture tube, electronic gun assembly, sensor, tungsten wire, high-power diode (triode), aluminum alloy, notebook computer shell, cell phone battery, mold, electrical accessories, filter, oil mouth, stainless steel products, golf head, zinc alloy. The welding of Arts and crafts.