Six Advantages Of Hydrogen And Oxygen Removal Machine

Six advantages of hydrogen and oxygen removal machine

(1) Thoroughly remove carbon deposits from the engine combustion chamber, significantly improve engine output horsepower, improve engine jitter, and save fuel consumption.

(2) Free removal of any engine parts (only need to connect the intake manifold).

(3) The operation process is simple and clear, free of manual disassembly, and the use efficiency is extremely high, and the carbon removal time only takes 20 to 30 minutes.

(4) The substance that removes carbon deposits is hydrogen, which will not damage the vehicle oil and will not damage the oil seal, gasket and engine.

(5) Maximally improve vehicle exhaust emissions so that vehicles can pass the exhaust emission test smoothly.

(6) Environmental protection new energy, no pollution, is the representative of national energy conservation and emission reduction.