Importance Of Cleaning And Maintenance Of Ampoule Sealing Machine

The ampoule sealing machine is composed of two parts, which are petroleum liquefied gas, control box and melting seal platform. It is novel in shape, light and beautiful. The sealing platform has a adjustable height. It can adjust the height of the sealing of the bottle. There are continuous melting seal on the support of the support. When the sealing machine is sealed, the flame is uniform, the wire drawing is smooth, the sealing speed is fast, the noise is small, the output is 20 branches. It has good sealing effect for the ampoule bottle, glass test tube and direct tube glass bottle. It has no noise, fast melting sealing speed, convenient preparation and simple storage. It is a hospital, preparation room, school and scientific research unit. An ideal device for melting ampoules in a small pharmaceutical factory and biologicals factory. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of the ampoule sealing machine also deserves special attention.

1, do not put your hands on the high temperature cloth during the work, so as not to hurt your hands.

2, when it is found that the sealing tape and the heating block adhere to the dirt, it should be stopped and cleared. When the temperature is too high, do not use hand to remove directly.

3, clean the surface every day, not to be stained with dust

4, strictly prohibit equipment idling, long time no one works, must turn off the machine, so as not to cause waste of resources.

5, poor sealing is a common problem of continuous sealing machine. The sealing of packaging bags can not be sealed. This breakdown includes the following points:

(1) heat sealing temperature is not enough. Adjust the temperature according to the material and thickness of the bags.

(2) the heat sealing speed is too fast, and the ampoule sealing machine is not sealed. It is also related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the future and heat of the seal will be sent to the cold pressing place for cooling treatment by the traction wheel.

(3) the pressure of the cold pressing casters is not suitable. There is one of the upper and lower parts of the cold pressing rubber wheel. The pressure between them should be moderate.

(4) the quality of the heat sealing film is not good. If the corona treatment of the composite lining is not uniform, the effect is not good. Bin happens to be at the seal. It must not be sealed.

(5) if the seal is water, dirty, and the material is not sealed.

6, although the mouth of the bag is sealed, it will crack if it is squeezed or torn slightly. The reason for this failure is generally that the blade of the heat sealing knife is not smooth, and the heat sealing knife is divided into two pieces. There are three screws on the heat seal knife, the middle screw plays the role of supporting and strengthening, the other two screws are equipped with springs and gaskets, and the itching is used to regulate the heat seal pressure. The upper and lower blades have two springs. The main reason for the uneven blade is that the middle screw is tilted. The ampoule sealing machine is not horizontal, or the pressure spring of the heat sealing knife is uneven.