How To Operate The Three-way Catalytic Converter Carbon Cleaning Machine

How to Operate the three-way catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine?

The whole catalytic converter cleaning time only 20-30mins,it is very easy,high effeciency work and saving your time and money.


The Advantages of Catalytic Carbon Cleaning Machine

1.It is visible for the whole restoring process, the comparison can be seen before cleaning and after cleaning.

2.Compared with the old way of changing catalyst, the cost decreased by 5 times.

3.No need to remove catalyst and no harm to car.

4.It only takes 8 minutes for the whole restoring process, and effect is remarkable.

Comparison Between Our Machine and Traditional Cleaning Methods.

Items catalytic carbon clean Machine Chemical Drip Method Disassembling Method

   Time           15mins                     40mins            4hours

Operation No need to disassemble three way catalytic converter,only disassemble a  sensor   have to connect with the valve to absorb medicament for burning have to take much time to disassemble car parts and also cost lots of money.

  Efftect effects can be seen from the LCD screen more deposit it would get and will block the catalyst much worse , and for stubborn carbon deposit , the result is not so good   catalytic converter scrapped in advance

Chemical Pollution only produce vapour, no pollution,low carbon, energy saving and environment friendly erious air pollution, emissions of chemical wastewater hydrochloric acid medicament would corrode the three-way catalyst


The Effects of Visible Catalytic Cleaning Machine

1. Specialized cleaning catalyst, also the oxygen sensor;

2. Special cleaning fluid which cleans the carbon deposit is environmental friendly and will react  with precious metals to produce harmless gas which can be discharged;

3. Effect is visible;

4. Three-way catalyst conversion rate has been improved more than 50%;

5. Restore power;

6. Save fuel from 8% to 10%;

7. Reduce vehicle exhaust emission and save back pressure;