Three-Way Visiable Catalytic Converter Carbon Cleaning Machine


2Our catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine features:

1.An effective solution for solving injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and exhaust systems carbon deposits problems 

2.An effective solution for solving the problem of excessive car exhaust emissions caused by the catalytic converter malfuction. 

3.An effective solution for expensive parts three-way catalytic converters replacement problems due to chemical poisoning 



How to Operate the three-way catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine?

The whole catalytic converter cleaning time only 20-30mins,it is very easy,high effeciency work and saving your time and money.



The Effects of Visible Catalytic Cleaning Machine

1. Specialized cleaning catalyst, also the oxygen sensor;

2. Special cleaning fluid which cleans the carbon deposit is environmental friendly and will react  with precious metals to produce harmless gas which can be discharged;

3. Effect is visible;

4. Three-way catalyst conversion rate has been improved more than 50%;

5. Restore power;

6. Save fuel from 8% to 10%;

7. Reduce vehicle exhaust emission and save back pressure;





Company Introduction

Okay Energy,the first oxyhydrogen generator in China,we have researched and produced 

hho generators since 2002.

Main products:

Oxy-hydrogen Generator,HHO Generator Kits,Carbon Cleaning System,Catalytic Converter 

Cleaning Machine,HHO welding Machine, ampoule sealing machine,hho boiler for heating etc.

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