HHO Gas Generator For Combustion Supporting

HHO Gas Generator For combustion Supporting 

To save fuel and reduce emission used in industrial furnace, in medical care, in  industrial and household wastes incinerator, in clean coal combustion technology. 


(1)A kind of gaseous catalytic, superior unique catalytic property

(2) Clean and high efficiency, no second pollution

(3)Suppress the generation of dioxins

(4)Added from the air inlet, simple, safe, low cost and wide application

(5)Reduce NO emission significantly

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This technology changed the traditional combustion way and significantly reduced the fuel consumption. It's fully in correspondence with energy saving and low emission, recycle and low-carbon economy concept. it's a revolutionary new energy

technology because of its perfect characteristics and roles on minimizing raw materials, reusing, and recycling. It has a good market prospect in extensive industries like

prospect in extensive industries like hazardous wastes Incineration, municipal wastes incineration, thermoelectric generation, industrial heating furnace catalytic combustion, and so on.