Gaintop Has Taken A Big Step Towards Europe

Big news! European customers come to Gaintop search for business. What's going on? Let's take a look.

1On April 5, European customers visited Gaintop. Mr. Tang Shaobin, General Manager of our company, and Ms. Wu Yanlan, Minister of Sales, met with customers. They introduced the general situation of Gaintop, the application fields of oxy-hydrogen energy products to customers. Customers showed great interest in the product as Europe pays special attention to environmental protection.


As meeting went on, the customers had a general understanding of our products. The product can reduce tail gas, harmful gas emissions and improve environmental quality. They directly proposed to be our European agent, which shows their confidence in our products.


After meeting, Wu Yanlan, Minister of Sales, took the customers to visit  Gaintop production workshop, and explained the production process and product advantages. Also, the technical engineer Mao introduced the working principle of the carbon cleaning machine and gave a personal presentation of Gaintop oxy-hydrogen Cutting Machine, so customers had a close look, then understood the safety of the machine. The major advantage of the product is environmental protection and cost savings, which customers focused also, we showed the facts.


Introduce and demonstrate Oxy-hydrogen energy products to our customers in detail.

4The professional quality and good service of Gaintop gained customers' high enthusiasm. They highly recognized Gaintop and cleared cooperation requirements.

It's a worthwhile trip. To work, we build up a satisfied cooperation based on sincere and trust; ; In private, we accompany customers visited Yuelu Mountain and Chairman Mao's old house to appreciate Hunan culture. 


Along the Yuelu Mount and Xiang River, follwing the footprint of great men, this enterprize strives to make progress every day.