Gaintop Accepted Russian Customers


On April 1st, Gaintop accepted Russian customers. The visiting makes clients further understand the strength of gaintop corporate culture, management system, production process, machinery and equipment.


Our general manager Tang Shaobin and the sales minister Nancy Wu warmly received the customers and introduced our series of hydrogen and oxygen energy products and related fields. The customer's company in Russia is specially designed to provide heating for large shopping malls. This time it is mainly interested in our combustion engine. After the technicians and customers discussed the technical problems of the HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine in depth, and observed the carbon cleaning effect on site,the guests showed great interest and good praise.



Introduce Our HHO Generator


After the meeting, the customer was invited production workshop. During the period, our technical engineer Mr.Mao introduced the major parts and applications of various machines in detail. And it demonstrates the operation of HHO Carbon cleaning Machine.


Accompany the customer to visit our production workshop


Introduce the customer to Gaintop's HHO carbon cleaning machine


Live Demonstration of HHO carbon cleaning machine

Finally, in order to let customers know more about Changsha City, We accompanied the customers to visit the Orange Island Scenic Area.


Visiting the Orange Island Scenic Area with customers

During the visit, the customer not only saw the quality of Gaintop, but also learned more about gaintop's products. The core concept of putting the quality in the first place. It's cultural and good reputation,makes customers have more confidencebecome a strategic partner of Gaintop.


We will adhere to the service concept of "limited service and unlimited creation", make full use of the advantages of scientific research and the experience accumulated in the field of HHO energy for many years, and provide each customer with high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly products.To do a little bit for the world's energy conservation and environmental protection!