Equipment For Controlling Car Exhaust Clean Carbon Deposits

Car carbon formation and tail gas hazards:

In the 21st century, cars have entered thousands of households, and the problem of excessive emissions of automobile exhaust has seriously polluted the environment and affected people's health. Due to over-loading and low-speed driving for a long time in the engine, the quality of the gasoline is low, the oxygen supply is insufficient, the fuel is not completely burned, the lubricating oil contains impurities, and the tar-burning particles are generated and adhered to the surface of the engine parts. Carbon deposits.

△ car hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizer

1) How to form carbon deposits in automobiles

When the car is driving over 5,000-10,000 kilometers (combustion chamber, intake pipe, valve, cylinder, spark plug, fuel injector, piston, oxygen sensor), carbon deposits will gradually form.

2) The danger of carbon deposit in automobiles

For example: engine shake, driving weakness, cold start difficulty, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption and increased noise, increased engine oil consumption

Cause | Valve ablation | Smudge door | Pre-ignition deflagration cylinder | Engine scrap | Shorten spark plug oxygen sensor three-way catalysis △ best-selling life in overseas markets | and a series of safety hazards.

3) How does the hydrogen and oxygen carbon remover remove carbon deposits?

Hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizer, using hydrogen as raw material, oxygen combustion, feeding into the interior of the car engine through the air inlet, mixing and burning with gasoline and air, it takes only 20~30 minutes to completely and completely remove the carbon deposits of the car and recover. Car power, let the car wind and thousands of kinds, let you drive as new.