We Are Honored To Cooperate With Lauge Jensen Company

The European customers who came to our company days ago have. Half a month ago, we signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Uffe, CEO of Lauge Jensen company.


Lauge Jensen is a famous Danish motorcycle company in Europe. He once customized a motorcycle for the Prince of Dubai, it is gold-plated and set with 268 diamonds, reached 250 kilometers per hour and became the most expensive motorcycle in the world. (around 4.7 million RMB).


The image spokesperson of Lauge Jensen company is a friend of Uffe, England footballer Wayne Rooney, playing for the Premier League Manchester United Football Club (Manchester United).


During the visit of Uffe, he learned about our new HHO gas generators and observed the production process. Based on the principle of pioneering, innovating and quality first, we strictly control every process of production, with this rigorous and meticulous requirement,we won the trust of Uffe and has registered a new company to promote our HHO carbon cleaning machine and became the Northern Europe of our company.


Green is the basic color of nature. We aim to save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment,our energy-saving and environmental protection new energy projects adhere to green development,this coincided with the concept of the Lauge Jensen company and finally confirmed the intention of cooperation.


We are honored to cooperate with Lauge Jensen company´╝îwe cooperate together to meet each other and growing stronger,to promote our HHO carbon cleaning machine in Europe and let more people pay attention to environmental protection, strive to contribute to the world's energy conservation and environmental protection!