Carbon Removal Efficiency And Working Principle Of Hydrogen And Oxygen Decarbonization Machine

Since the industrial revolution, mankind has been constantly claiming the earth's resources, creating modern civilization, and also causing catastrophic damage to the earth. The earth's daily carbon energy is facing exhaustion, air pollution, temperature rising, haze, earthquake and other natural disasters. How to demand sustainable and clean new energy has become a global problem. Therefore, searching for alternative energy and developing renewable energy has become a top priority for the world. Hydrogen is recognized as a clean energy source with excellent performance. Hydrogen energy has been listed as one of the strategic priorities of the medium and long term scientific and Technological Development Planning in China. Under such circumstances, our company has developed new energy hydrogen and oxygen combustion equipment under the premise of energy saving and environmental protection.

After the work of the hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization machine, the active hydrogen and oxygen molecules are produced, and the engine's intake manifold enters the engine and mixed with the mixture of oil and gas. Using the hydrogen oxygen micro explosion and the instantaneous high temperature, the piston top, the inlet and exhaust door, the airway, the oxygen sensor, the three element catalyst, and the engine cylinder are used. The carbon deposition on other surface of the operation is degraded to nano dust and discharged along with vehicle exhaust gas. Since hydrogen and oxygen molecules are produced by water vapor, they do not damage any vehicle or any harmful gases or substances. They are very environmentally friendly. This is the cleanest and most effective way to clean up carbon so far.