The application of hydrogen and oxygen machine in the field of engine carbon removal

Carbon removal advantage of hydrogen and oxygen engine:

1, to subvert the traditional automobile engine removal of carbon, except for the raw material of carbon, no water and electricity, no carbon material, no hydrogen oxygen active gas, no chemical composition, no corrosion of automobile parts, no side effects, integration of high tech strength.

2, in addition to carbon deposition process zero pollution, do not discharge the nauseous smell of smoke, maintain environmental quality, protect personal health.

3, no removal engine except carbon deposition, quick operation, to eliminate the safety hazard caused by engine disassembly.

4, unlike other carbon removal methods, hydrogen and oxygen do not need to replace oil and oil filters after carbon removal.

5, the process of hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization is completed automatically. No manual intervention is needed. Only the gas pipe can be inserted into the intake manifold.

6. The effect of carbon removal can be clearly seen through the engine endoscope.

7, after the removal of carbon, the throttle is light, the horse power is enhanced, the oil saving is 10%, the oil saving is about 20% after driving 500 kilometers. Once a year, a new car is removed, and the service life of the engine is extended.

8, reduce HC (hydrocarbon) 72%, reduce CO (carbon monoxide) 96%