Technical specification and use method of copper welding machine

Copper welding is mainly used in pipeline connection, cathodic protection test line, sacrificial anode cable connection and so on. The quality of the cable connection directly affects the operation of the cathodic protection system. Therefore, the use of the copper welder also has certain technical specifications.

First, the welding speed is fast and the quality is guaranteed. In general, the welding time of the copper welder is between 1 and 2 seconds. Then the welding of the copper welder should be suitable for various climatic conditions. In order to save energy, the copper welder should also have power socket. When power plant is used, power supply can be used instead of battery. The welding temperature of the copper welder must be less than 650 degrees Celsius, and the operating voltage is 36V DC. After the battery is full of electricity, the number of solder joints can be 40 to 69. The standard weight of a set of copper welding machines is about 26 kg, and the size of the copper welder is 220*400*315 mm. The above is the technical specification of the same welding. When selecting the copper welder, we should check whether the function is qualified or not, and try to ensure the quality level of the cathodic protection project.