Operation steps of hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization machine

Hydrogen and carbon separator is not only safe to use, but also easy to operate.

1. Open the power supply switch; the system starts to self check.

2. Connect the trachea to a car vacuum tube

3. Start the car

4. Turn on the aspirated valve. The system automatically detects that the car has started.

5. Setting up carbon removal time, press the carbon removal button, the machine starts producing gas and starts timing.

6, the machine provides stable hydrogen and oxygen active gas to the vehicle, except for carbon.

7. Automatic power off and shutdown of the system except for carbon time

8. Shut off the exhaust valve

9. Open the exhaust valve

10. The car is extinguished and the vacuum tube is restored.

11, restart the car, a slight throttle three times, exhaust residual carbon in the exhaust pipe.

12. Carbon removal