Matters needing attention in the use of automatic ampoule sealing machine

The automatic ampoule sealing machine is often used in the industry and the food industry. After the packing container is filled with articles, the seal of the container is often processed on the sealing machine. The following 11 aspects should be paid attention to during the use of the sealing machine, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the sealing machine.

1, do not apply metal containers and metal cover, and can not be placed on the metal mesa to press the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine.

2, before entering the power supply, you must first insert the inductive air plugs and lock the screws.

3. Using the single phase three wire power line, in order to make the operator safe, it is necessary to use the single phase three wire power outlet. The ground must be dry to keep the insulation.

4, with the function of temperature overheating automatic protection, when the temperature in the machine is overheated, the buzzer in the machine calls the "abnormal protection (PRO.MD.)" yellow indicator light. At this time, the total switch of the power supply should be turned off. After the automatic ampoule sealing machine is cooled, the buzzer should be stopped and then continue to work.

5, in the work process should always touch the surface of the induction head, check whether overheating, such as the discovery of hot hand should stop heating, and then cooling after the work (cooling can not turn off the power), "WARMUP" green indicator light is not bright, do not press the start button, so as not to trigger. Please turn off the power switch on the panel when the machine is finished.

6, equipped with fuse for 5A, not more than 5A insurance instead.

7, there is high voltage inside, the floor is electrified, it is strictly forbidden to repair privately, so as to avoid personal electric shock.

8. If the wire is exposed before use, the machine should be stopped and used before being repaired.

9, equipment can not be impacted, weighed or dampened by transportation, storage and use.

10. When the product is checked and checked, in the case of normal transportation and good packing, if the zero part of the product is found to be incompatible with the packing list, it should be contacted to the company in time.

11. According to the instructions, the operation should be understood clearly in advance. If the quality of the product is found, the company shall explain to the company within the prescribed time limit, and the equipment is guaranteed for half a year and is responsible for the maintenance.