Hydrogen and oxygen to remove carbon to protect your car

Engine carbon - car stealth killer, especially the car driving in the city, not twenty thousand kilometers, the car will have three yuan catalytic carbon, spark plug carbon, combustion chamber carbon, throttle carbon, oxygen sensor carbon. And these, let your beautiful car hide an invisible heart.

The Walker hydrogen and carbon separator is a project developed to solve problems for owners.

The symptoms of carbon deposition

Difficulty of starting 1. cold cars

2. idling instability

3. acceleration of weakness

4. oil consumption rise

5. tail gas exceeding standard

6. engine noise

And when you find such a situation, the situation is already very serious, and the consequences are:

1. engine life shortening

2. oxygen sensor and three element catalyst for scrap in advance

3. increase in maintenance cost

The cause of carbon deposition

1. long term low speed driving

2. inadequately burned

3. bad driving habits

4. poor air quality

5. poor fuel quality

6. other reasons...

To remove carbon every year and drive a new car every day

Walker hydrogen and oxygen separator manufacturer's technical team reminds you that frequent carbon removal is beneficial to:

Promotion of power

Reducing exhaust emissions

• prolonging engine life

Save fuel

Carbon deposition is unavoidable. It is recommended to do carbon removal maintenance every ten thousand kilometers.

Don't wait until it's hard to recover, then think of saving your car. Avoid carbon maintenance regularly to avoid overhauling.