Development of domestic electric welding machine

With the increasing market competition, survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest will become an inevitable trend in the structural adjustment of welder industry.However, whether it is from the current development trend of the output ratio of electric welding machine or the development direction of the electric welding machine, the electric welding machine in China will develop to high efficiency, energy saving, mechanical and electrical integration and complete set.

The arc welding equipment of arc welding equipment is a large quantity of welding equipment. Arc welding equipment from the welding machine automation degree, there are manual welding machine, semi-automatic welding machine, automatic welding machine, robot welding machine, intelligent welding machine. From the nature of power supply, there are AC welder, DC welding machine, AC and DC dual use arc welding machine. From the control mode, there are thyristor welding machine, IGBT inverter welding machine, digital welder, Microcomputer (single chip) control arc welding machine; from the way of use, there are welding rod arc welding machine, gas shielded welding machine and submerged arc welding machine.

At present, arc welding equipment in our country is catching up with and approaching the international level. The production of arc welding equipment in China is various and the products are complete. The current from 10 to 1250 an, from the size of the bag to the large submerged arc welding machine, from the handwork to the intelligent welding robot, the IGBT inverter and the SCM control technology are widely used in the arc welding equipment, and make the more general controller, but the thyristor welding machine still has a stable market; the CO2 welding machine and the MIG welding machine are more stable. The use of precise control technology with one drop, less splash in welding, more beautiful weld formation, and improved welding quality; the development of digital welding machine is valued by many scientific research institutes and large enterprises, and the recognition and welcome of more manufacturers; expert system, intelligent welding machine, welding quality monitoring and control. Tracking systems, such as arc length tracking, weld swinging device, mechanical, optical and electronic weld tracking, are becoming more and more widely used, and arc welding robots are playing a more important role in automatic production, difficult and hazardous production environment. In the development of arc welding equipment, the environmental awareness gradually Strengthening, the electromagnetic compatibility of the soft switching technology, the welding equipment, the lead-free production, the high frequency protection and the anti electric shock device have been paid much attention by many researchers, manufacturers and users. Most of the welding manufacturers have passed the ISO9000 quality system and the 3C compulsory product certification, strengthen the internal management, improve the quality of the products, and Shu Lipin Brand awareness and improving market competitiveness have become the conscious action of the vast majority of welding equipment manufacturers. Because of the many manufacturers of electric welding machines in our country, especially the manufacturers of arc welding machines are more and more small, all over the area, the welding machine technology and the quality level are not neat, some arc welder with low technical level, poor adaptability, unstable quality and wide range of parameters still has a certain market. The quality inspection and supervision departments make joint efforts to improve the overall level of arc welder production in China. At the same time, we should strengthen the development of the automatic double wire welding equipment with high quality and light and dexterity, especially the extension and application of double wire gas protection welding machine. Although the equipment has been produced in the enterprise, the number is still very short, and it is of great value for popularization, especially in the application of surfacing.

Vigorously developing gas shielded welding (wire feeding welding) and vigorously promoting the use of inverter power supply will be the direction of work in the next 5 years. The technology of domestic digital welding machine will reach the level of foreign countries in 1990s. The technology of SCR CO2 welder and inverter CO2 welder will be more mature. The excessive form of droplet is more than one pulse and one drop. Adjust product mix, improve product quality and comply with market demand. Inverter multi-function gas shielded welding machine, inverter submerged arc welding machine, with good performance and reliable and durable features won the customers' praise. The inverter welding machine will develop towards digitalization, lightness, energy saving and high reliability.

Digital inverter and high efficiency gas shielded arc welding are the direction of development in the next 15 years. Welding machine will realize digital technology, intelligent technology is more and more mature and higher level. Reverse CO2 welding is a real pulse and a drop. Closed loop control is adopted in the whole specification of droplet transfer, and one pulse and one drop control are also adopted.