Benefits of carbon removal from the use of hydrogen and oxygen carbon cleaning machine

(1) to prolong the service life of auto parts

1, extend the time of engine overhaul.

2. Prolong the life of oxygen sensor.

3, prolong the service life of three yuan catalyst.

(two) energy saving and emission reduction of vehicles

1, improve the power 10%-20%.

It is obvious that the second gear is strong enough to accelerate the speed up, enhance the power when climbing, reduce the throttle obviously, and reduce the speed of the vehicle at high speed.

2, save fuel 5%--20%.

By cleaning the oxygen sensor, the air-fuel ratio of the vehicle can be restored to about 14.7:1, which is close to the new vehicle value. It can save fuel and enhance power.

3, reduce the emission of harmful gas from exhaust gas by 72%.

(1) the air-fuel ratio of 14.7:1 will sufficiently burn gasoline and reduce the emission of CO and CH compounds.

(2) the high temperature steam produced by the hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization machine can remove the PHP mixture of the three element catalyst, restore the activity of the three element catalyst and reduce the emission of the tail gas.

CO reduction of 74%

HC (PPM) is reduced by 76%

NOx (PPM) is reduced by 75%

Save fuel 15%

Product quality

1. carbon removal test of national authorities (see test report)

2. global certification of the four major systems: (see qualification)

ISO9001: global quality management system certification

CE: EU security system certification

TUV: German auto peer Association accreditation

MA: proof safety system certification

Two. Product technology

3. eight major patent technology guarantees (see patent certificate)

4. built in Iphone 5 dual core automatic control system, automatically guided by the system operation, to prevent misoperation, graphical user interface, simple operation.

5. built-in flameout detection and protection device

6. high efficiency electrolysis power supply and nano multilayer anti tempering device

7. integrated forming electrolytic cell, explosion proof and leakage prevention

8. hydrogen oxygen separator industry units supported by national science and technology plan and innovation fund program

Three product market maturity

9. one of the first units to develop and produce hydrogen and oxygen separator in China (started in 2006) is currently the eighth generation product.

10. the first batch of export units of China's first hydrogen and oxygen separator has exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and has been tested by the European and American countries for six years.