HHO Enameled Copper Wire Welding Machine

Product Details

hho enameled copper wire welding machine





Input Voltage

110/220v ±10%,50/60Hz, Single phase

Rated Capacity (KVA)


Working Gas Pressure (Mpa)


Relative Humidity (%)


Rated  Gas Production (L/h)

300  ±10%

Water  Consumption (L/h)


Water  Feed


Cooling  Mode

Air  Cool

The  Insulation Level


Power Supply Protection Grade


Flame Temperature (℃)

Adjustable  800~3200

Working Medium

Filtered    water or deionized water or soft water

Working  Method


Enviroment  Temperature (℃)


Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)


Gross  Weight (kg)


Ventilation  Space Requirement (mm)

400 in each direction  

Brass welding process is relatively simple, use hydrogen and oxygen flame to slightly bake the joints and preheat. Use blue flame to heat the weld and preheat the electrode near the flame. When the redness of the copper pipe welds, put the rod At the weld seam, the weld seam and the rod are heated simultaneously with a blue flame until the weld rod melts and the weld seam is completely melted. The welding is completed.


Welding air conditioning copper pipe matters needing attention:

1. We must use hydrogen and oxygen welding machines for welding brass tubes. Hydrogen and oxygen welding machines are new welding machines for oxygen welding operations using high-temperature flames of hydrogen and oxygen flames (will replace conventional welding equipment such as natural gas, acetylene and ethane).

2, some copper tubes are relatively thin, the wall thickness is generally about 0.3-1.2mmz, so when welding must pay attention to the heating time, the heating temperature exceeds 600 degrees, 0.03 seconds will let the copper tube melt, called burning.

3, after welding, it is generally cooled with clean cold water. Avoid oxidation. In general, nitrogen is not oxidized in the tube.

4, Hydrogen and oxygen flame, 0 pollution, no black smoke, no effect on the environment, to protect vision, there is a guarantee of safety and ensure the quality of brass.

5, welding joints generally do not force to pull, because the solder will crack.

6, welding, you need to prepare something related to the welding process, such as the welding of welding rods, welding most of the fuel used is water, using water as raw material, through the electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen, ignition to form hydrogen and oxygen flame, used to The workpiece welding and processing sites.

7, Hydrogen and oxygen welding machine, flame concentration, no black smoke, no harm to the human body, so do not need to wear protective glasses, but must be placed in the welding site fire extinguishing equipment, welding place must pay attention to keep the ventilation smooth.


Welded parts: Non-ferrous metal welding applications such as copper tubes, iron pipes, jewelry, enameled wires, and musical instruments.