HHO Copper Auto Parts Welding Machine

Product Details

hho copper Auto parts welding machine

Eco-Friendly HHO Generator Machine





Input Voltage

380 ±10%,50/60Hz,three phases

Rated Capacity (KVA)


Working Gas Pressure (Mpa)


Relative Humidity (%)


Rated Gas Production (L/h)

4500 ±10%

Water Consumption (L/h)


Maximum Cutting Thickness (mm)


Effective Punching Thickness (mm)


Water Feed


Cooling Mode

Air Cool

The Insulation Level


Power Supply Protection Grade


Flame Temperature (℃)

Adjustable 800~3200

Working Medium

Filtered water or deionized water or soft water

Working Method


Enviroment Temperature (℃)


Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)


Gross Weight (kg)


Ventilation Space Requirement (mm)

400 in each direction

Hydrogen-oxygen fuel is a kind of high-temperature and high-energy environmentally-friendly fuel. It replaces traditional hydrocarbon fuel and is used in all fire-fighting situations. It has the advantages of energy-saving and emission-reduction and efficient and safe operation. Hydrogen and oxygen welding machines are also known as hydrogen and oxygen generators, hydrogen and oxygen generators, and water welding machines.

Hydrogen and oxygen welding machines have the following advantages compared to other welding machines:

1. Safety and environmental protection:

Hydrogen has a molecular weight of 2 and is 1/14 lighter than air. Therefore, hydrogen gas leaks out of the air and escapes from the ground. It does not form aggregates. Other fuel oil and gas will gather on the ground and pose a flammable and explosive hazard.

Tasteless and non-toxic, it will not cause poisoning to the human body. The combustion product is only water and does not pollute the environment.

2. High temperature and high energy:

The calorific value of 1 kg of hydrogen is 34000 Kcal, which is three times that of gasoline. Hydroxyl flame temperature up to 2800 degrees, higher than conventional liquid gas.

3. Thermal energy concentration:

Hydroxy-oxygen flame is straight, with little heat loss and high utilization efficiency.

4. Automatic regeneration:

Hydrogen can be derived from water, which is then reduced to water after combustion.

5. Catalytic properties:

Hydrogen is an active gas catalyst that can be mixed with air to catalytically burn all solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. Accelerate the reaction process, promote complete combustion, and increase the flame temperature, energy saving and emission reduction.

6. Reducing characteristics: various raw materials hydrogenation refining.

7. Temperature change characteristics: The flame temperature can be adjusted according to the melting point of the heating object.

8. Wide range of sources: Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis of water, water is inexhaustible, and 1860 liters of oxyhydrogen gas can be produced per kg of water.

9. It is ready for use: With advanced automatic control technology, the oxy-hydraulic machine supplies gas according to the user's requirements, and no gas is stored.

10. Wide range of applications: suitable for all gas needs.


Hydrogen and oxygen welding machine application field:

1. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Generator in Sealing of Water Injection

2. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Machine in Incinerator Dioxin Control System

3. Hydrogen Oxygen Motor Enameled Wire Welding Solution | Hydrogen Oxygen Flame Coated Wire Welding Machine

4. Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine in Fish Hook Welding Process | Hydrogen Oxygen Flame Hook Welding Machine | Hydrogen Flame Flame Hook Welding Machine

5. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine in Platinum Resistance Welding (Hydrogen Flame Leaded Resistance Welding Machine)

6. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine in Micro Thermocouple Welding | Hydrogen Oxygen Flame Thermocouple Welding Machine

7. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine in Jewelry Welding (Platinum Fusion Welding Machine

8. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine in Sealing of Laboratory Ampoule Bottle | Hydrogen and Oxygen Flame Ampoule Bottle Fusing Machine

9. Application of Hydrogen Oxygen Welding Machine in Sealing Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles (Reagent Glass Bottles)