Hydrogen Nozzle for Welding

Product Details

Hydrogen nozzle for welding

HHO machine carbon cleaning system


Mode Specification
GTHO-300 Input Voltage 110/220v ±10%,50/60Hz, Single phase
Rated Capacity (KVA) 1.95
Working Gas Pressure (Mpa) ≤0.09
Relative Humidity (%) 90
Rated Gas Production (L/h) 300 ±10%
Water Consumption (L/h) 0.16
Water Feed auto
Cooling Mode Air Cool
The Insulation Level F
Power Supply Protection Grade IP21S
Flame Temperature (℃) Adjustable 800~3200
Working Medium Filtered water or deionized water or soft water
Working Method Continuous
Enviroment Temperature (℃) 0~40
Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm) 628*477*685
Gross Weight (kg) 72
Ventilation Space Requirement (mm) 400 in each direction  


How car carbon deposits form

When the car travels more than 5000-10000 kilometers (combustion chamber, intake pipe, valve, cylinder, spark plug, fuel injector, piston, oxygen sensor) and other parts will slowly form carbon deposition.


The role of hydrogen and carbon removal machine:

Hydrogen and oxygen are generated as water, and the particles and dirt attached to the engine wall and the exhaust pipe wall are wetted and melted into a liquid state. Then, they are discharged outside the vehicle under the pressure of the exhaust gas. Achieved the internal automatic cleaning process.