Hydrogen Gas Welding Torch

Product Details

Hydrogen gas welding torch

A welding torch is the part of the welding process that performs the welding operation. It is a tool used for gas welding. It is shaped like a gun, has a nozzle at the front end, and ejects a high-temperature flame as a heat Source. It is flexible, convenient, and simple.

Welding gun working principle:

The welding torch utilizes the high current of the welding machine, and the heat generated by the high voltage is gathered at the terminal of the welding torch to melt the welding wire. The melted welding wire penetrates into the part to be welded, and after welding The welding torch is qualified in welding effect, safe in welding, fast in speed, reliable in performance of welding, the welding object is firmly connected into one body. The welding torch is depend on the power and welding material of the welder. Torch, simple in maintenance, convenient in adjustment, no need of electricity in welding torch, saving in steel, and investment in equipment. Welding gun pressure welding can easily complete the welding work of flash welding and electroslag welding equipment, and the quality and efficiency Are better than the first two sets of equipment.

Work considerations

(1) After the welding torch is plugged in, never touch the tip of the pipe. If you accidentally touch it, you will burn the blisters. You need to flush the water quickly.

(2) There will be debris when the welding torch is used for a long time. It needs to be cleaned and kept clean.

(3) welding torch As for the welding torch frame, still need to be careful not to touch the object next to the frame;

(4) After the welding torch is used, it is necessary to remove the plug and wait for 10 minutes to cool it before it can be collected.