Hydrogen Gas Flame Arrestor

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Hydrogen gas Flame arrestor

Flame arresters are safety devices used to prevent the spread of flames of flammable gases and flammable liquid vapors. Generally installed in pipelines that transport combustible gas, or vented tanks, to prevent the propagation of flame (deflagration or detonation) through the device, consisting of fire resistance core, flame arrester housing and accessories.

Flame arresters are also commonly used on pipes carrying flammable gases. If a flammable gas is ignited, the gas flame will spread to the entire pipe network. In order to prevent this danger from happening, flame arresters are also used. Flame arresters can also be used on pipelines with open flames to prevent flashbacks. However, it cannot prevent open flames of combustible gases and liquids from burning open flames.


1, on the pipeline conveying flammable gas.

2, the torch system.

3, oil and gas recovery system.

4. Heating furnace fuel gas pipe network.

5, gas purification and communication system.

6. Gas analysis system.

7. Coal mine gas drainage system.

8, flammable and explosive solvent systems (such as reactors and storage tanks, etc.).