Hydrogen Gas Cutting Torch
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Hydrogen gas Cutting torch

The six advantages of Gaintop Hydrogen and Carbon Removal Machine:

(1) High-efficiency and energy-saving: Thoroughly remove the carbon deposit in the engine's combustion chamber, significantly improve engine output horsepower, improve engine shake, and save fuel consumption. Maximize vehicle exhaust emissions and make vehicles pass through exhaust emissions inspection

(B) removal-free: Do not disassemble any parts of the engine (only need to connect the intake manifold).

(III) Simple operation: The operation process is simple and clear, manual disassembly is not required, and the use efficiency is extremely high. Carbon removal time is only 15 minutes.

(4) No damage: The substance that removes carbon deposits is a nano-micromolecular substance with reducing properties that will not damage the vehicle engine oil, and will not harm the oil seal, gasket, and engine.

(E) Environmental protection: environmental protection and new energy, no pollution, is the representative of the national energy-saving emission reduction.

(6) Authoritative certification: Four authoritative certifications of ISO, CE, FCC, and TUV, more than ten national patents, and national quality system certification. Settled in more than 3000 4S stores worldwide

(7) Safe and Reliable: Industrial Screen Graphic Display System Wireless Voltage Sensor with Shutdown Shutdown Alarm

(8) Convenient and practical: Built-in timekeeping and metering system facilitates operation and management. The built-in decarbonizer reminder reminds the user of the music at the end of decarbonization.