Combustion Supporting Machine Hydrogen Generator for Boiler

Product Details

Combustion Supporting Machine hydrogen generator for boiler





Input Voltage

380  ±10%,50/60Hz,three phases

Rated Capacity (KVA)


Working Gas Pressure (Mpa)


Relative Humidity (%)


Rated Gas Production  (L/h)

10000 ±10%

Water Consumption  (L/h)


Suitable Bolier


Suitable Engine


Water Feed


Cooling Mode

Air Cool

The Insulation Level


Power Supply  Protection Grade


Flame Temperature (℃)

Adjustable 800~3200

Working Medium

Filtered water or deionized water or soft water

Working Method


Enviroment Temperature (℃)


Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)


Gross Weight (kg)


Ventilation Space    Requirement (mm)

400 in each direction 

Boiler users all know that the fuel used in boilers is mostly coal, heavy oil, diesel, etc. These fuels are large molecular carbon oxides, and it is difficult to fully combust in order to fully fuel, and a large amount of air must be blown in, but too much corporate air is added to it. Reduce the temperature of the furnace, because the air must be heated and discharged from the exhaust outlet. On the other hand, the content of oxygen in the air is only 21%, and the content of nitrogen is 78%. The addition of large amounts of air also increases the emission of nitrogen oxides (also waste gas). It can be seen that the air is too small to completely burn the fuel. Heat value can not be fully utilized, excessive air, exhaust heat loss increases sharply, and heat energy can not be fully utilized. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve an ideal combustion state with an air-assisted boiler, and the general combustion efficiency is only about 60%. ,Gain generated by the hydrogen gas generator

Oxygen mixers (also known as Brown gas) can catalyze a variety of solids, liquids, and gases, which has been demonstrated by science and technology.

Gaintop Hydrogen Boiler Economic Benefits and Social Benefits:

1, to improve the thermal efficiency of the equipment; energy savings can reach 5% to 30%.

2. Reduce boiler loss due to coking.

3. Extend the service life of boiler main and auxiliary equipment.

4. The mining of mineral resources has been reduced, which has a huge effect on the comprehensive utilization of social resources.

Gaintop research and development of boiler energy-saving expert appraisal and the practical application of the majority of users, after accounting for each evaporation tonnage of the boiler can save fuel costs 6800 ~ 7800 yuan per year. However, the annual cost of paying off boiler cleaning and decoking agent for each evaporation tonnage is only about 1,800 yuan. The actual per ton of evaporation per year can reduce your production costs by about 5,500 yuan. Its economic and social benefits are very significant.