HHO Carbon Steel Cutting Machine Flame Cutting

Product Details

HHO Carbon Steel cutting machine flame cutting





Input  Voltage

380  ±10%,50/60Hz,three phases

Rated  Capacity (KVA)


Working  Gas Pressure (Mpa)


Relative Humidity (%)


Rated  Gas Production (L/h)

10000    ±10%

Water Consumption (L/h)


Maximum  Cutting Thickness (mm)


Effective Punching Thickness (mm)


Water  Feed


Cooling  Mode

Air  Cool

The  Insulation Level


Power  Supply Protection Grade


Flame  Temperature (℃)

Adjustable  800~3200

Working Medium

Filtered  water or deionized water or soft water

Working Method


Enviroment  Temperature (℃)


Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)


Gross  Weight (kg)


Ventilation Space Requirement (mm)

400  in each direction 


Hydrogen and oxygen produced by using Gaintop oxyhydrogen cutting machine can replace acetylene, propane gas, gold flame gas, Teli gas, liquefied gas, natural gas and other industrial gases. It can be applied to manual cutting, semi-automatic linear cutting, profiling cutting, and numerical control cutting. The existing cutting machine can be used to cut carbon steel, cast steel and continuous casting steel, and has advantages comparable to other fuel gas. 


Specifically, The advantages of the oxyhydrogen cutting machine are as follows:

1) Hydrogen and oxygen energy is a clean energy source. No waste gas is produced during the manufacturing and use. Conducive to environmental protection and human health.

2) The oxyhydrogen flame is concentrated and there is no heat radiation, and workers are protected from thermal fatigue. When the steel plate is cut, the surface is smooth and free of slag.

3) Hydrogen and oxygen flame temperature is as high as 2800 degrees and the fire power is concentrated. Therefore, when cutting, the preheating time is equivalent to acetylene, which is faster than other gas preheating time.

4) Hydrogen energy is ready for use, on-demand production, low-pressure gas supply, no storage, and at the same time, the oxyhydrogen machine has multiple safety protection devices. Therefore, it is safer to use than gas cylinders.

5) The production of hydrogen energy requires only water and electricity, and it can work 24 hours in a row. As long as there is electricity in the water, there will always be a gas supply. When the gas cylinder is used up, it needs to be replaced frequently. Therefore, the time for replacing the gas cylinder can be saved and the working efficiency can be improved.

6) Hydrogen and oxygen cuts do not need to mix combustion-supporting oxygen. Therefore, it is not necessary to adjust the proportion of oxygen gas and it is more convenient to use.

7) Hydrogen Oxygen Cutting Compared with other fuel gases, it can save mixed oxygen and save 20% oxygen. Compared with acetylene, it can save more than 50% of gas cost. Compared with propane, it saves more than 30% of the cost.