HHO Carbon Flame Metal Cutting Machine

Product Details

HHO Carbon flame metal cutting machine





Input Voltage

380 ±10%,50/60Hz,three phase

Rated Capacity (KVA)


Working Gas Pressure (Mpa)


Relative Humidity (%)


Rated  Gas Production (L/h)

6500  ±10%

Water  Consumption (L/h)


Maximum  Cutting Thickness (mm)


Effective Punching Thickness (mm)


Water Feed


Cooling Mode

Air  Cool

The Insulation Level


Power  Supply Protection Grade


Flame Temperature (℃)

Adjustable  800~3200

Working Medium

Filtered  water or deionized water or soft water

Working Method


Enviroment Temperature (℃)


Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)


Gross Weight (kg)


Ventilation Space Requirement (mm)

400  in each direction

Hydrogen oxygen cutting machine operating steps:

1. Start the gas production process:

1 Turn on the main power switch of the oxyhydrogen cutting machine;

2 Wait for the Hydrogen Oxygen Cutting Machine to carry out the system self-test; after the self-test is complete, or report the [Fault Information] or [The system status is normal, press the F1 button to start the gas production]

3 Press the F1 button to start gas production, adjust the gas production knob, you can adjust the gas production 4) When the machine pressure gauge shows a pressure of 0.2Mpa, the system automatically stops gas production

2. Preheating

1 Open the cutter's gas valve to the proper opening

2 Try to test the amount of gas at the outlet of the cutting nozzle, and feel that there is a relatively large flow of gas before ignition. Otherwise, the opening of the gas valve must be adjusted to allow ignition.

3 According to the operating instructions of the cutting machine, move the cutting nozzle to the edge of the steel plate so that half of the flame heats the steel plate and the other half of the flame remains outside the steel plate.

4 Closely observe the condition of the heated surface of the steel plate. When the plate burns red and flies out of Mars, it can be cut.

3. Cutting: When the surface of the steel plate reaches the cutting state, open the high pressure oxygen valve to the proper opening, and you can see that the steel plate is cut by the high pressure oxygen. This is to open the switch of the walking mechanism and let the cutting machine walk. Note: Before walking, It is necessary to adjust the cutting speed in advance according to the thickness of the steel plate. When walking, according to the cutting state of the steel plate surface, the walking speed and the oxygen pressure may also be adjusted. However, for experienced cutters, the oxygen pressure and walking are generally not adjusted. Speed, because adjusting these things during the cutting process will affect the cutting quality of the steel plate.

4. One-cut operation: When the cutting line is completed, immediately close the high-pressure oxygen valve and close the walking switch to stop walking. And move the cutter to the next cutting point

5. The cutting is completed, the flameout operation: open the low pressure oxygen valve, blow out the flame, and then close the gas valve, and then close the low pressure oxygen valve. Turn off the main power switch of the machine, then open the low-pressure oxygen valve, put the remaining gas inside the machine and then close the low-pressure oxygen valve.