Brown Gas Sheet Metal Cutter

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Brown gas sheet metal cutter


The Brown generator, also known as the Brown gas generator, is a water invented by Prof. Brown of Australia and uses hydrogen as the raw material to produce hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis.


The advantages of Brown Generator:

1. On-demand production, no storage, safe and convenient compared with bottled gas.

2. The raw material is simple, only water and electricity are needed, the product is ready for use immediately after start-up, economical and practical, with good mobility, small size, it can be carried around, and it can also be suitable for field operations.

3. Flame concentration, suitable for precision flame processing.

4. Hydrogen and oxygen are odorless and non-toxic. The combustion products are only water and do not pollute the environment.

5. Hydrogen and oxygen flames are carbon-free flames, and the workpieces are welded and fastened without carbon brittleness.