Brown Gas Carbon Truck Engine Decarbonizing Machine
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Brown gas carbon truck engine decarbonizing machine


One: What are the hazards of car carbon deposits?

1. Will increase vehicle fuel consumption;

2. Reduce the power of the engine;

3. When the vehicle is idling, the body is easy to shake;

4. Engine exhaust emissions will exceed the standard;

5. When the engine starts, it is not easy to light the fire.

6. Severe carbon deposition can also damage the engine's piston and crankshaft


Two: How to prevent car carbon deposition?

1. Fill high-quality gasoline

2. Do not drive for a long time


Three: How to clean up car carbon deposition?

1. Clean the throttle: In general, the cleaning cycle of the throttle is recommended to be 20,000 kilometers.

2. Clean the internal carbon deposition of the engine: It is usually recommended to perform a cleaning cycle at 30,000 km.

3. Clean up the air intake system carbon deposition: It is generally recommended that the cleaning cycle is about 60,000 kilometers.

The Car carbon deposition site: combustion chamber, intake valve, fuel injector, throttle, spark plug, etc. 


Pure hydrogen and oxygen can be used to clean carbon deposits without the need for chemically added carbon solutions. Adding a chemical decarburization solution will cause a gas-liquid mixing reaction that will cause plugging of the spark plug and cause damage to the car and spark plug. This is insecure!