Brown Gas Carbon Cleaning Machine Hydrogen Engine

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Brown gas carbon cleaning machine hydrogen engine

One: working principle

Brown's carbon removal equipment utilizes the principle of water electrolysis to get rid of traditional chemical agents to remove carbon, enter the engine through the intake manifold of the engine, and quickly spread to every corner of the engine, due to the catalytic and permeation characteristics of hydrogen, the oxygen combustion characteristics, The flame-retardant carbon deposit gradually decomposes under the action of hydrogen molecules and burns. It takes only 20-40 minutes to run at idle speed, and it can completely and efficiently clean up the carbon deposit of the engine and discharge it with the exhaust pipe.

Two: Carbon removal effect

1. Immediate fuel economy (tested to reduce fuel consumption 11% to 28%. Depending on the type of vehicle and the use of different)

2. Increased horsepower (return to original performance)

3. The engine does not dither

4. Smooth driving.


Three: When one of the following situations occurs, it is recommended that you use a carbon dioxide removal machine to remove carbon from the engine.

1. Engine Idle instability, jitter, oil shut-off The main reason for this failure phenomenon is that the idle motor and the idle channel are polluted by carbon deposition. After the idle channel carbon deposition was polluted, the number of airflows was limited, requiring constant adjustment of the idle motor and the throttle to maintain the normal operation of the engine. On the one hand, the regulation function is limited due to the carbon deposition of the idle motor and the throttle valve. On the other hand, as the contamination of the carbon deposit increases, the adjustment function of the idle system will reach a critical value and cannot be adjusted. The phenomenon of oil flameout. The ECU at this time will think that the idle motor or throttle has malfunctioned. In fact, there is carbon deposition in the idle system.

2. Decline in power and poor acceleration The main manifestation of this failure is the unresponsiveness of the rapid acceleration of the engine, the slow response, and the need to drive at full power. The feeling of power is not sufficient and there is no feeling of happiness. The main reason for this failure phenomenon is that the following sites have been polluted by carbon deposits.

3. Chilling starts difficult, surge, noise increases, exhaust emissions exceeded

4. In order to prevent carbon damage to the vehicle in advance, it is recommended that you perform a carbon removal operation using a hydrogen and carbon removal machine after every 10,000 km.


Four: Gaintop Automotive Hydrogen and Oxygen Decarbonizer Maintenance Benefits and Benefits:

1. Improve engine power and restore as new

2. Reduce vehicle fuel consumption and save costs

3. Reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, environmental protection standards can fully eliminate carbon deposits and no damage to the engine

4. Increase engine life

5. Does not contaminate the oil, no need to change the oil

6. Simple and convenient operation

7. Does not harm the operator's health

8. There are no chemical fire safety hazards, no secondary pollution in the carbon process, no pollution to the environment, clean, environmental protection

9. Small cost, obvious price advantage, can increase maintenance customer flow

Comparison of the carbon dioxide removal machine of Gaintop auto and other brands:

1. Easy to operate Microcomputer control, one-button operation, unattended, except for carbon complete buzzer tips.

2. The whole process monitoring uses 7-inch touch screen, in addition to carbon pressure, temperature, time and other parameters in real-time display, at a glance.

3. Safe and reliable The air outlet adopts a water seal structure at the front end and is equipped with an explosion-proof device. Brown always puts safety in place.

4. The power boost is obviously improved by 10%-20% of the power immediately after being treated by the Gaintop Hydrogen Oxygen Decarbonizer. The effect is obvious.

5. Effectively prolong the engine life. After the Brown carbon removal equipment is processed, the engine life can be effectively prolonged.

6. High efficiency With low power consumption, the energy conversion rate is higher than that of other brands in the same category.