Brown Gas Carbon Bus Engine Decarbonizer Machine

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Brown gas carbon bus engine decarbonizer machine




How to clean car engine carbon deposit?

There are two main cleaning methods for cleaning car engine carbon deposits:

1, open engine cleaning

The cleaning of valve deposits is relatively simple. After the intake manifold is removed, it can be removed by hand or by using a cleaning agent. As for the cleanliness of carbon deposits in the engine cylinders, it is necessary to “move in a big way” and remove the cylinder heads, timing belts, etc. before cleaning.

As the engine is disassembled and reassembled, its power and sealing performance will be inferior to that of the original factory. Therefore, under normal circumstances, carbon deposition in the cylinder of the clean engine should not be carried out frequently. When it is a last resort, it must go to a regular maintenance factory, otherwise the engine performance will be greatly reduced.


2, free cleaning engine -Brown gas carbon bus engine decarbonizer machine

"Free cleaning and cleaning" is simple and labor-saving. It takes only 20 minutes to remove the carbon. No need to disassemble the engine, only connect the intake manifold, complete combustion, do not hurt the oil seal, gasket engine, thoroughly clean the combustion chamber surface, piston top, spark plug, oxygen sensor The carbon deposit of the three-way catalytic converter can be used in the correct way, and it is a good investment in today's investment.