High Technology Engine Decarbonising Machine

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High technology engine decarbonising machine

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Do you want car power to be as efficient as fuel saving?

Do you want to make your driving safer?

In order to meet the needs of car owners in addition to carbon

Hunan Guantuo Technology Co., Ltd. Relying on core technology research and development of hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal equipment

Equipment performance reaches the top of the world

After long-term market verification and certification authority

Achieve high-security, high-efficiency latest generation products

Has brought environmental protection and carbon removal experience to more than 2 million users worldwide

At present, Crown Extension Technology has obtained ISO9001 certification CE certification

Will provide safe and efficient carbon removal services for car owners

Reliance on fly chemistry to remove carbon, no damage to oil seals, gaskets and engines

Simple operation, safe and efficient, quality guaranteed and other advantages

And extend the life of engines, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, etc.

Save fuel consumption by 10-30% Reduce emissions Restore vehicle power

Accelerated through such significant functions as vehicle inspection, and it has been widely praised by users worldwide.

Products have been sold in France, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia, Spain, Denmark, India and more than 30 countries and regions.