Catalytic Converter Carbon Cleaning System
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Catalytic converter carbon cleaning system

In addition to the carbon components we are talking about, there are many kinds of metal components in the combustor, that is to say, a complex mixture. The car's hydrogen and carbon remover mainly uses electrolyzed water to produce the hydrogen-oxygen mixture (Brown Gas) Propel the engine combustion chamber through the intake pipe, and use the high temperature generated by hydrogen combustion in the combustion chamber to remove the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber. This method subverts the traditional carbon removal model. It saves time for vehicle maintenance, reduces costs, and is environmentally friendly. Automobile carbon dioxide removal machines are gradually replacing traditional carbon removal methods.



After using the car's hydrogen and carbon removal machine, the coke deposits have been effectively cleaned up, and the tail gas emissions have been greatly reduced, the engine power has been restored, and the car's fuel consumption has been reduced.


The important part of the oxygen machine:

1 gas production

2 power supply

3 Electrolyzer

4 control panel

5 anti-fireback device

6 operation panel