Car Care Catalytic Converter Cleaning Machine

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Car Care Catalytic converter cleaning machine

The three-way catalytic cleaning agent is a transparent liquid that cleans the surface complexes of three-way catalytic converters of motor vehicles. It can effectively remove sulfur, phosphorus, and other chemicals on the surfaces of three-way catalytic converters, and can help block the exhaust pipe blockage and recover three-way catalytic converters. Active, extend the service life of the three-way catalyst.

working principle:

When the engine exhausts through the exhaust pipe, three kinds of CO, HC, and NOx gases pass through the purifier in the three-way catalytic reactor to enhance the activity of the three gases and perform oxidation-reduction chemical reaction. Among them, CO is oxidized to a colorless, non-toxic carbon dioxide (CO2) gas at high temperatures. HC compounds oxidize to water (H2O) and CO2 at high temperatures. NOx is reduced to ammonia (N2) and (O2). The three harmful gases become harmless gases, so that the exhaust gas can be purified.